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We face a moment in the tide of civilizational potential where all bets appear to be off, and the march of Democracy appears to be on the precipice of a true cataclysm.  To try to even begin to track, study and comprehend what the various genres of socialism have wrought is a huge assignment. Any attempt to truly grasp what has happened in the century-plus since arch-sinister Karl Marx blew up the essential social contract from which sprung this grand experiment in liberty is probably impossible.

The times are without number when the partisans have declared that the impending election was to be “the most important in a generation” or “the greatest precipice in history” or some such hyperbole that was aimed with specificity at whatever voting block they thought they could influence into doing things the way they thought would best serve their own interests. 

Now comes the time when the rabbit pellets get separated from the black pepper.  Is this just one more windmill dance where the last drunk standing gets to intone the victory speech?  Is this one for real, and in being for real is it either a giant step back toward representative democracy or is it to be the end of the devolution of the Republic into chaos from which there is no return?  Only God knows.  And I say that because only He sees the end from the beginning, and only He can know if our grand experiment is cast aside for the evil largesse of those who would—and are—transforming the greatest experiment into just another (albeit the biggest) destruction of what the whole 500 hundred year old rush of freedom  has wrought.

On Election Day the issues will be manifest, and they will be at once gobbled up in the toxic rhetoric that pitches sides against each other.  In the end what we decide in the voting booth will be true and—can I use the word again—cataclysmic for the population of America. 

Somehow over the decades of dissension and conflict power, greed and eventually corruption have prevailed—until now.  But now the very foundations of a civilization are under attack and, absent a groundswell seldom seen in the political life of a people, are doomed to crushing murder at the hands of those who ignore our goodness.  The accomplishments of centuries as free people cry out that it is past time to understand and to grasp the fundamental truth.  The enemies of liberty and individual advancement and accomplishments of free people are at the gate.  That they will die with the rest of us is only more proof of their delusion.  Please vote for the “Republic for which it stands” and pledge yourselves to its perpetuation.