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Election Day is finally here, and candidates are making their last-minute pitches to Hoosier voters Tuesday.

Republican candidate for Senate Mike Braun dropped by the WIBC studios this morning to offer his thoughts to host Tony Katz as polling locations opened across the state.

On His State of Mind on Election Day:

“I feel good; I don’t really know what we could have done much differently. It was very much like building a business – just compressed into a very tight deadline where you were either standing or flattened. But we’re here; we’re still standing; I think we’re going to be happy tonight.”

On Democrats Sending Out Lucy Brenton Campaign Ads:

“To me, that was the ultimate sign of desperation. When you’re out there paying for a mailer for the Libertarian candidate …that’s a ploy. And I think they’ve been hurting ever since the Kavanaugh hearing, whereas we’ve been steady all along.”

On Term Limits:

“I signed a pledge and I said all along that if we did that across the board, you’d get people that have done things in the real world. You’d fix some of that stuff out there. That’s been the base of where I come from, and I think we flushed out Donnelly’s liberal voting record and we’re gonna win it in the end.”

On His Final Message to Voters:

“I think we’ve done everything right. When you’re running against an incumbent and you’re running against the negative ads of Chuck Schumer, that has an impact. But we’re gonna win it, and we’re gonna win it because our ground game is better.”

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