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STATEWIDE — Record voter turn out is being blamed for some technical issues at a few polling locations in Johnson County.

Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer said the high number of voters taxed the system to a degree that it was really slowing down voting. It got even slower when the county’s voter registration server shut down altogether, forcing provisional ballots to be passed out.

“They have fixed that,” Hupfer said. “Everything is back up and running and were are encouraging all of our voters to stay in line. If they left, comeback.”

Hupfer said as long as you are in the polling line by 6 p.m. you will be allowed to vote.

However, it will be a bit longer for Porter County voters. Several polling places in Porter County got a late start for a variety of reasons this morning.

The reasons range from poll workers not getting the right supplies to technical issues to even some workers quitting at the last minute.

Because of the issues, the county’s election board scrambled to ask a Porter Superior Judge if they could keep the affected polling places open longer than normal.

The judge has granted that request and has ordered some voting locations to stay open until 8:30, central time.

(PHOTO: Gregg Newton/Getty Images)