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STATEWIDE — Gas prices are down, and are predicted to keep going down according to AAA Hoosier Motor Club.

Greg Seiter with AAA said they’ve seen a 34-cent drop in gas prices in the last month to the lowest they’ve been since April. The average price for gas throughout the state is $2.59 a gallon with the cheapest gas in Kokomo, as low as $2.22 a gallon there.

“This is really an interesting trend we’re looking at right now,” Seiter said. “What we’re seeing right now is reflective of a national trend. We’re also seeing the transition from the summer blend of gasoline to the winter blend, which is cheaper for producers to create.”

The downward trend of gas prices also comes soon after the United States has decided to re-impose economic sanctions against Iran, which is the fourth largest oil producer in the world.

“That has not, as of yet, had any impact on the industry as whole,” Seiter said of the sanctions. “We’re looking at a market right now that is plentiful in supply.”

Seiter said while Iran is an oil powerhouse, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are the top two OPEC countries exporting to the United States.

Indiana is expected to have it’s first deep freeze in the next week.

Seiter has a few words of advice as you prepare for the cold weather months. He said to have a safety kit in your car with some tools for car maintenance, but also a small snow shovel, snacks, gloves and other warm clothing and road flares.

Seiter also has another piece of advice you should probably listen to if you want to even get inside your car.

“It’s very important to remember not to wash you car immediately before a deep freeze or any kind of freezing temperatures,” Seiter said. Because that moisture can freeze within your locks and get into the door jam of your car and cause you a whole new set of problems.”

Meteorologists are predicting overnight temperatures could reach the low 20’s by early next week. Snow is in the forecast for Friday.

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