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Today’s juvenile delinquents are full of angst and hormones like never before. You see it every day as they terrorize your American highways with their hot rods and their rock n’ roll music.

Sure, they claim they’re just out for a good time and a little action, but what happens when their “good time” becomes a white, middle-class, suburban-dwelling, American family’s nightmare? What happens when “a little action” turns to mayHAM…

Now more than ever, the American teenager needs to know their place and mind their manners on our American highways. 

Your country is calling you to action, friend.

If you care about protecting the safety, welfare, and Christian principles of your average American family, take your teenager to see the latest release in a series of driver educational films from the COTR Motorclub: “Ham on The Highway.”

America’s moral majority is counting on you, friend.

Also, click the link below to hear the Chicks on the Right discuss how traffic was at a standstill for hours Thursday, after a truck filled with 44,000 pound of ham overturned on I-69.