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(Mangel Ngan/Getty Images)

Jim Acosta, the biggest douche in American journalism, has lost his precious press pass from the White House after a combative back-and-forth between the CNN mattress stain and President Donald Trump at a press conference earlier in the week.

At one point, a female White House staffer tried to take the microphone away from mattress stain Acosta, who shoved her arm away before continuing his temper-tantrum, asking Trump another question that was meant to incite an outburst from the President.

WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right played a montage of mattress stain’s most annoying moments during their Friday broadcast.


“He doesn’t want to ask questions. He has no intention or desire to be a journalist – he just wants to debate and draw attention to himself. And CNN loves this; they love the fact that he is up there fighting with the President because that is what they want; they don’t want journalism. They want a fight.

And so the White House – there’s a level of decorum that needs to happen in that room; he’s not following it. There’s nothing wrong with them saying, follow a level of decorum here, and he’s not doing it.”

This all comes in the wake of claims from the AP that the White House doctored video of mattress stain shoving the female White House staffer’s arm away by removing a total of three frames from the footage. Standard video is 30fps, although 60fps is increasingly common. In other words, the AP’s conspiracy theory has all the legitimacy of claims that Bush planned 9/11.