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(Philip Faraone/Getty Images)

Other than a little pain in the pocketbook from an air-tight contract and overly-inflated salary, NBC certainly isn’t feeling the pain from Megyn Kelly’s departure. 

As reported by Variety, NBC’s multi-hour morning show saw an immediate five percent surge in viewership after the cancellation of Megyn Kelly Today

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“Megyn Kelly was as bad as we thought. Now that doesn’t mean that her firing wasn’t a whole bunch of nonsense. She asked a question about Halloween costumes and the crowd was fine with it, but then the liberals got ahold of it and started screaming racism.

But the ratings also tell the story.”

Kelly’s departure and the ratings surge might have NBC executives feeling good and chuffed up, but let’s not forget who hired the gal at well above her true market value.

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