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(Scott Eisen / Stringer / Getty Images)

Oh, sweet socialist Alexandria… Dumber than a mentally-challenged tadpole, but damn, you’re cute. 

America’s favorite socialist is now officially an elected representative from New York, and reports from her first day at work prove she’s wasting no time in annoying the living crap out of her colleagues in D.C.

Moments after arriving on Capitol Hill for freshman orientation, porridge brains went to the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to join in an impromptu sit-in outside of Pelosi’s office to push for congressional action on climate change – “or whatever it’s called when it’s like really super-duper hot outside,” Ocasio-Cortez probably said.

“We need to tell her that we’ve got her back in showing and pursuing the most progressive energy agenda that this country has even seen,” dimwit Ocasio-Cortez said while standing in the middle of a group of around 200 protestors holding signs reading “Green Jobs For All.”

Yes, nothing says “We’re on your side” like a vicious and disruptive mob swarming your congressional office. Good on you, toots.

The Chicks on the Right talked America’s favorite moron Wednesday afternoon. Click below to enjoy: