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You know that whole ‘get fit and eat healthy’ thing? Screw it! 

Americans are fed up (get it?) with being healthy and have given up on even PRETENDING to care about counting calories… at least until 2019.

45{bffd5afc92e71b4f5f13a397a060cceafb69d69a76b9485615fd77bd8b5e4a55} of Americans say they’ve officially thrown in the towel until next year, according to a recent survey. 

Just how serious are these ’embrace the tubby’ folk? Well, if the study is correct, each one of them will gain an average of six pounds over the Holiday season. 

WIBC host Tony Katz, however, is expected to be on the higher end of the scale, according to experts examining data from the study.

Hammer and Nigel weighed-in (see what we did there?) on the survey Wednesday: