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(Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty Images)

Members of the United Steelworkers union approved its contract with U.S. Steel this week.

The four-year contract is effective immediately and includes a 14 percent wage increase over four years, increased retirement contributions by the company, favorable health care costs and capital investments in U.S. Steel facilities.

White House Deputy Director of Communications Jessica Ditto spoke with WIBC host Tony Katz about the new contract Thursday, and the effectiveness of President Donald Trump’s tariffs.


“The President laid out his plan to renegotiate horrible trade deals when he was a candidate in 2016. This is something that is going to take time, but we’re already seeing these immediate effects where two years into this administration our steel industry is coming back, our plants are reopening, and workers are now going to see a 14 percent wage increase over the next four years. This is something that is going to take time to turn the effects of the horribly negotiated trade deals of the past around, but you see the results. We saw 250,000 jobs added to the U.S. economy last month alone, we have the fastest wage growth happening across our country in nearly a decade, and unemployment at its lowest rate since 1969. It just goes to show that the President’s trade and economic and national security policies are working to benefit Americans, and it will continue to help our economy grow into the future.”

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