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The bizarre insanity and liberal desperation surrounding the Florida election recount continues Thursday. Broward and Palm Beach counties are drowning in a sea of lawsuits and ballot problems, and the rest of the state is getting good and pissed about it.

*Editor’s note to Broward and Palm Beach: Get your s**t together! Thanks much!

Fox News Radio National Correspondent Eben Brown joined The Chicks on the Right Thursday to discuss the ongoing clown show surrounding the Florida election:

Eben Brown:

“The problem is in Palm Beach County. They have these old machines counting the ballots. And you know how if you have a really old cell phone – like so old that the operating system doesn’t update anymore because it’s so old, and you can’t get a charger for it because it’s so old? That’s kind of what they’ve got going on in Palm Beach with their counting machines. They’re so old, they keep breaking down. They can’t find parts because they’re so old. They have a technician working 24/7 fixing things as they break. Yesterday, the machine broke down and lost its tally, so 130,000 votes counted had to be recounted because they lost count.

…Why haven’t they replaced the machines? Well, the answer comes down to elected officials who don’t want to spend the money, and thus, here we are.”

Click the link below to hear the entire interview with Eben Brown. Thanks and God Bless. And also, get your s**t together, Florida.