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Elizabeth Hurley is hot. Like, she’s really hot. Like, OH MY GOD is she hot.

Oh, and get this: she’s 53-years-old… and she’s HOT!

Okay, we get that this is starting to sound a little juvenile and chauvinistic, but sometimes the obvious just needs to be stated… and Elizabeth Hurley is HOT. Seriously, have you seen her lately? She’s hot!

Anyway, here’s the story:

Mega-babe Elizabeth Hurley (so hot) scored an invite to a Thanksgiving dinner at United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom Woody Johnson’s London residence.

We don’t know what Woody Johnson looks like, but we’re familiar with Elizabeth Hurley, and she’s totally hot. Like she’s SO extraordinarily hot!

Part two:

The event was to celebrate what is considered a wholesome and family-orientated festival, and Johnson’s private residence in London is where President Donald Trump and his wife Melania stayed during their visit in July. 

Why do we bother to mention to visit from the President and First Lady? Because Melania is amazingly hot too. 

Part three:

The dress that Elizabeth Hurley wore to the event was considered by “some” to be too revealing and inappropriate for the event. 

While we understand the criticism, when you’re 53-years-old and that hot, you might as well flaunt it! And Elizabeth Hurley is hot. She’s really, really, REALLY hot.

And now a word from Hammer and Fake Nigel:


“Looking at the photo here, Ambassador Woody Johnson seems just fine with it.

Fake Nigel:

“There’s nothing revealing; you can’t see anything beyond a little side boob action. If you’re 53 and you look like that, show it off!”


“If I were 53 and looked like that, I would wear that dress every single day.”

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