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COLUMBUS, Ind. – Two people were arrested Thursday after police served a search warrant at their home which led to large amounts of stolen property being recovered.

Officers responded to a home on Jonesville Road Tuesday evening after receiving a complaint of stolen property. When police got there, they found guns, chainsaws, ATVs and motorcycles.

A meth lab was also found along with drug paraphernalia.

Columbus police arrested Shawn Miller, 40, and Amie Chapman, 31. Miller and Chapman face multiple drug charges and charges of maintaining a common nuisance.

“It’s pretty scary, I’ve got teenagers at home,” Beverly Proctor told WISH TV. Proctor lives in Columbus.

“All my friends have got little kids. It’s real scary that people were doing this stuff,” Proctor said.

Johnny Seniours also lives in Columbus. “I thought it was a junkyard,” Seniours said to WISH. “I mean, there’s a bunch of junk in the back .. I had no clue!” 

With Chapman and Miller behind bars, Proctor said she’s just happy that both of them have been arrested and that all of the stolen items have been confiscated.

“Because anyone could have gotten a hold of them,” the guns, Proctor said. “Felons or kids could have gotten them.” 


(PHOTO: Columbus Police Department)