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Photo Credit: Getty Images. Amy Brothers/Contributor.


If you’re looking for a different way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, nothing is better than grilling! Deep-frying is delicious too, but can be a bit dangerous. Indirect cooking is the way to go when wanting a perfect, golden-brown turkey. Here are some of Pat’s favorite ways to grill a bird on Turkey Day!


A charcoal grill is great because it’s simple and inexpensive. Heat your grill to and maintain at 325 and cook the turkey for 11-13 minutes per pound.


A gas grill can make a nice, crispy bird. Typically, gas grills have three burners. You want to light the two outside burners on medium and leave the middle on off. We in the “biz” like to use a very sophisticated acronym “M.O.M” (medium, off, medium.) If you do happen to have four burners it’s the same concept, just M.O.O.M.  Place the turkey in the center and add a turkey stand to make it even easier.


You can also use the “Trash Can” Turkey method. This is a cooking method that started Turkey Fest at Sullivan’s. You can cook your turkey in the most entertaining way possible, plus it cooks a 20lb bird in just 2 hours. It’s hard to describe, so for this one we’ll just show you!



Additional Tips


Add moisture to any pan you put your turkey on. Use water, a dash of apple juice, broth, whatever sounds best to your family’s taste buds to help steam and keep turkey from drying.


Don’t forget to get extra foil pans for when the turkey is done. You don’t want to use the same pan your raw turkey was in.


Make sure to have a thermometer handy. We like to say the temperature should be between 170-180 in the turkey’s breast.


If you are working with a gas grill, check your propane tank. You want to have that tank full when you’re getting ready to cook for the family. Keep in mind too that when transporting you want to keep the propane tank upright.


Lastly, whatever method you use on Thursday we want you to be safe! Especially those of you using deep-fryers.  Be prepared and watch your cooking closely.


From all of us at Home and Garden, Happy Thanksgiving!