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(ALFREDO ESTRELLA / Contributor / Getty Images)

Residents in Tijuana, Mexico protested the arrival of thousands of Central American migrants this week who are expected to linger in the city for months as they try to claim asylum in the United States.

A group opposed to the migrant caravans protested outside one of the largest shelters in the area as Mexican police in riot gear formed a perimeter. The demonstrators sang the Mexican national anthem and waved flags as they urged the migrants to go home.

The protesters said they had no problem with legal immigration, but they were strongly opposed to what they called an “illegal invasion.”

Some protesters said the Mexican government should follow President Donald Trump’s lead and adopt tougher border policies.

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“I’ll just wait for the Twitter police and the progressives to start calling the people of Mexico ‘white supremacists.’

…There is nothing more delicious than being able to prove how much ideologues lie to move their ideology.”

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