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INDIANAPOLIS — The situation in Afghanistan is “worse than [he&#93 thought” says Indiana Congressman Jim Banks after a recent trip there and is asking President Trump to visit the region to see for himself.

Banks was part of a congressional delegation that went last week to Afghanistan which included fellow Indiana Congressman Larry Bucshon.

Banks was there for military briefings and to meet with U.S. troops stationed there.

In an interview with 93 WIBC’s Tony Katz, Banks says Afghanistan is more dangerous now than when he served as an officer in the Navy Reserve in 2014 and 2015.

“It’s about pushing out 21 different terrorist groups from Al-Qaeda to the Taliban to ISIS-K to prevent those groups from organizing or posing a direct threat to the United States,” says Rep. Banks, who believes that a visit to the country by President Trump would go a long way in putting an end to the resurgence of terror groups in that region.

“I believe if [President Trump&#93 did go there [and&#93 if he did focus more of his attention on Afghanistan, he’ll be just as effective there as he has been on everything else since he’s been President,” says Rep. Banks.

During a phone message to troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving, Trump told one of the commanders, “Maybe I’ll see you over there. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Photo: Getty Images / Jim Clark