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INDIANAPOLIS — Furnaces across Central Indiana are fired up. 

As temperatures continue to dip, homeowners are trying to maintain warmth inside. 

A few tips can make sure the warming continues. For example, change your filter often. Clean filters will improve the quality and efficiency of your furnaces. 

“Customers should always check their filters,” said Scott Smith with Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. 

Each cold season Smith receives a variety of calls. Here are a few questions to review and a step to take before you call for help:

  • Have you changed your filter?
  • Have you checked your breakers?
  • Have you checked your thermostat?
  • Make sure you are using your heating and not cooling operation.

Smith also points out that a clean furnace can increase the longevity of a furnace. 

“The cleaner the furnace the more it is maintained the longer it will last for the customer as well,” Smith said. 

(Photo by: Jumping Rocks/UIG via Getty Images)