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MARION COUNTY, Ind. — Light rail trains are illegal in central Indiana but one lawmaker wants to change that this legislative session.

State law makes it illegal for several counties, including Marion County, from pursuing the possibility of a light rail transportation system. Indianapolis Democrat Justin Moed said that law “antiquated and outdated” and needs to be removed.

That’s why he’s filed a bill doing just that, the same bill he filed last year. Unfortunately for Moed, it did not see its say on the Senate floor after passing the House and a Senate committee.

“It just strikes from the Indiana code the prohibition from Indianapolis and central Indiana to explore light rail,” Moed said. “It doesn’t say the city will, or has to, do it. The city would still have to come up with a way to fund it.” 

The bill has bi-partisan support in the Senate from Indianapolis state senators Jim Merritt (R) and Greg Taylor (D), as well as state representatives Dan Forestal (D), Cindy Kirchhoffer (R) and Jerry Toor (R).

Carmel State Rep. Mike Delph (R) was one of the most outspoken critics of the bill last year, but State Rep. Moed said since he was not reelected in the November mid-terms he likes the bill’s chances this time around.

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(PHOTO: Mike Kemp/Getty Images)