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(INDIANAPOLIS) – The Food and Drug Administration has loosened its romaine lettuce warning, but it’ll still be several days before you can order it in restaurants again.

The FDA has ordered lettuce producers to add labels showing when and where the lettuce was harvested. Restaurant suppliers are lining up new providers in southern California, Arizona, Florida and Mexico. Panera Bread says it’ll have romaine from other regions starting Monday. Indianapolis soup and salad restaurant Soupremacy says its suppliers expect to have fresh lettuce by the end of this week, making it available in the store early next week.

Soupremacy includes romaine in three of its seven signature salads. General manager Danielle Cooney says they’ve been substituting spinach.

The delay until next week is to give the new supply chain time to comply with the new labeling requirement.

Soupremacy (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)