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ST. MATTHEWS, Ky.–The person who made threats against the high school Jeff Brohm attended in the 80s has been caught and will be in court today. The threats were made when the Purdue head football coach announced he would stay at Purdue and would not return to Louisville.

It was shared with me that the name on the account of these messages on Twitter was Proud Clarion,” said St. Matthews, Kentucky Asst. Police Chief Tony Cobaugh. Trinity High School was closed Thursday, after the threats came out Wednesday evening.

“The messages of concern used such words as gas cans and matches, things like that,” said Cobaugh.

The tweeter threatened to burn down the school. Police immediately increased patrols.

Thursday afternoon Thor Wiljanen, 29, turned himself in and was charged with making terroristic threats.

“It doesn’t matter if the nature of it at the moment was satirical,” said Cobaugh. “It caused alarm. It’s a threat. You’re talking about burning down a school building. You talk about matches and gas cans and walking down Frankfort Ave., and doing things like that in the direction of a school.”

Many people in the Louisville area were offended by Brohm’s decision.

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