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A Colorado middle school teacher is in deep feces after she was caught on video duct-taping a student to a chair.

According to police, the unnamed molder of young minds is shown wrapping duct tape around the student’s thighs and torso. She also placed a piece of tape over the boy’s mouth. Sadly, the actual video of said incident has yet to surface for consumption by the masses.

*Side note: Producer Rob Kendall admits that he’s played out that fantasy on numerous occasions, but what he and his wife do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business. Further, dear reader, take comfort, secure in the knowledge that video of the Kendall’s exploits has also yet to surface.

Moving on…

Evans, Colorado, police Chief Rick Brandt told media outlets that new information warrants a criminal investigation.

“Daisy” was a teacher once upon a time, and documentation and audiotape surveillance from Friday’s broadcast of the Chicks on the Right revealed the gals didn’t seem too overly concerned with the story.


“You know what? At least she didn’t sleep with him. It’s not going to hurt him.”


“What’s the big deal, right?”


“I don’t recall anyone ever being awful to me because I treated my students with respect and they treated me with respect, but that was over a decade ago. I don’t know; maybe today I’d be forced to up my game and carry a roll of duct tape with me in the classroom.”

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