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(Jonathen Craben/Getty Images)

President Trump’s thumbs were getting a workout this weekend on Twitter and as usual, he tossed formalities and niceties aside to make his point on a myriad of topics from Robert Mueller to trade deals.

As is customary by now at the #1 rated Hammer and Nigel show, the guys invited international superstar and animated celebrity “Alvin” of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” fame to stop by the studios and offer up his interpretation of the President’s latest Twitter rant.

Please note: We received a tip from a loyal listener that actor Richard Gere was made aware of Alvin’s regular appearances at the WIBC studios. We therefore have taken precautionary measures by hiring additional security for Alvin and hiding the liquid butter that we generally keep in the fridge.

Click the link below to hear the latest from Alvin in this segment from the Hammer and Nigel show: