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BLOOMINGTON, Ind.–A man who was an IU employee is accused of raping a student and has been fired.

Gregory Danielson, who worked at IU’s Recreational Center as a temporary employee, according to a University spokesperson, has been barred from campus. He was fired Tuesday.

Investigators believe it began Friday night at Brothers Bar and Grill in downtown Bloomington when the woman said she was drinking and having fun with friends, but woke up the next morning naked in an off-campus apartment with her hands and feet duct taped together and her mouth taped shut.

She told police she freed herself when Danielson was asleep. Officers believe Danielson and the woman knew each other, but did not have a relationship.

“That’s absolutely awful. I can’t imagine a worse thing. That’s personally one of my worst fears,” IU student Mia Friedel told WISH TV.

“Especially if it’s a faculty member, somebody who is supposed to be ensuring the safety and education of our students, it’s just horrific,” said Friedel. 

The victim called her roommates, who then called police. WISH TV reports police found her wandering around downtown on 6th Street wearing just a shirt. Her family believes she was also drugged. Police took her to the hospital for evaluation.

On Monday, detectives interviewed Danielson. They say he initially lied about the incident until police found a roll of duct tape and used duct tape in his trash can. They say he then said the victim agreed to be tied up. Officers arrested him anyway.

Now Danielson is in the Monroe County Jail facing a rape charge.

Danielson’s initial court hearing was set for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Monroe Circuit Court 2.


(PHOTO: Monroe County Correctional Center)