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(Oleh Svetiukha/Getty Images)

A secular group in the town of Newaygo, Michigan is in full meltdown mode over a display of the three wise men atop a school in the ‘little town of NOT Bethlehem.’

Mitch Kahle, a member of the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists and a man with too much time on his hands, said his group received a complaint and photos of the display from an area resident.

“We’ve asked the school to remove what is, in essence, a nativity scene from the top of the school and from school property. If this were on private property this wouldn’t be an issue,” Kahle explained.

He said his group wrote a letter to Newaygo Public School’s superintendent, who more than likely rolled his eyes and immediately threw Kahle’s letter in the garbage.

MACRA posted about their complaint on Facebook which has led to hundreds of responses that are mostly in favor of keeping the display (because not everyone is crazy and obsessed with hating Christmas and Christians).

WIBC host Tony Katz tackles the story in today’s edition of “@#${a951f02a8cac8e6d7fde2726b1b22da104131bed62748b49fddce88fa07005a6} YOU, XMAS!”