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PHOTO: CNN Newsource

The left continues to unload praise onto President George H.W. Bush. Meanwhile, the movie Vice swept up a ton of nominations at the Golden Globes. The movie portrays Dick Cheney as a political mastermind and George W. Bush as a bumbling fool. Tony Katz says that as much as the left wants to shower the Bush family with praise, they love it even more when the Bush family is ridiculed.

“The left is going to sit up there and say how great a guy George Bush was, how he was just misunderstood and he was a nice guy. They hated him. They called him a war criminal they called him a baby killer and couldn’t wait to get him out of office to bring in their baby boomer lover Bill Clinton. It is horrific and shameful. They are going to celebrate how great he is, while they praise a movie that tells me what a moron his son was.”