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I know the reference to the Star Wars Bar Scene is probably overworked these days, even though that feat of cinematic magic still describes the ever-growing gaggle of kooks and miscreants infecting the airwaves and print media alike.  Babbling with ever-more vitriol and venomous poison aimed at everyone with whom they disagree, their self-righteous psycho-nonsense is telling us deplorables that there is no end to the passion these clowns have for disassembling the Republic.

More than just cartoons, though, is the image and the reality that what we see this time is not just another verse in the perpetual chorus of hatred and express malice the American Left has for all who would stand for principle and worse, seek to preserve our society—or should that be our civilization. . . For we face a kind of antipathy for our founding that has never been present before.

For decades we have watched as people have pursued high office, whether legislative or executive, and such pursuits have at least borne evidence of some intention to further our shared beliefs and goals.  Oh there was LBJ with his Great Society and resulting explosion in welfare payments that stripped both women and minorities of every opportunity to achieve for themselves and Jimmy Carter whose woeful economic policies and dreadful bent toward socialism nearly destroyed the grand engine of the American economy.  But even they, as misguided and wrongheaded as they were, never demonstrated such open and notorious animosity for bulwarks of our grand experiment.

For sure pundits and politicians all over the place have long pursued an ever-more perpetual harangue against this American Greatness; but that was all just dopey talk compared with the malice we now face from within. 

The democrats now are filling a field of potential pretenders to greatness with a circus of fools whose rhetoric is both anathema to and deadly dangerous for all who would continue to stay a republican course (not the party but the founding ideal of representative governance).  The idea of a circus of characters would be positively comedic if it weren’t so true.  With everything from garish face paint and Vaudevillian costumes to the most outrageous screeching that invites us to abandon our mores completely they are on the attack to destroy just about anything they perceive as being cohesive to the people.

Just like the Republic, Christmas has been under surreptitious attack for decades now, first with the court-ordered removal of Christmas ornaments and statuary representing the nativity of Christ on the Circle in Downtown Indy.  Then they attacked the music the radio stations played during the season, and ultimately—this time at the hands of a dreadful atheist from the IU Law School demanding that a nondenominational “holiday Tree” placed in the entryway had to go.  And go it did because what passed for leadership in the academic community simply folded like a cheap card table.

This is fine and excellent time of year, steeped in centuries of tradition and joyful anticipation, but be clear my friends, this year’s circus of fools is proceeding with their campaign of hatred and destruction with the express intention of tearing it—and the religious faith it represents—to the ground.