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A new study from the Ghostly Institute for Traditional Family Values has revealed a shocking trend that’s emerged in recent years: Divorce among deceased partners is up over 73{a951f02a8cac8e6d7fde2726b1b22da104131bed62748b49fddce88fa07005a6} since 2000, and experts say that number is likely to rise as an increasing number of dead couples opt to forgo monogamy and embrace a less morally-restrictive lifestyle.

For deceased partners who choose to remain married, experts predict that those couples who have been dead for a period of less than 30 years will transition to so-called ‘open marriages,’ while partners who have been deceased for 50 or more years are likely to hold fast to a more conservative ghostly lifestyle.

The breakdown in traditional ghost family values follows a similar pattern among the living, say experts. Indeed, the connection between the two is undeniable. What is less clear, however, is the psychological impact this could ultimately have on ghost children raised in less traditional homes.

Previous studies have shown that ghost children raised in homes without ghost fathers are 60{a951f02a8cac8e6d7fde2726b1b22da104131bed62748b49fddce88fa07005a6} more likely to be arrested for unapproved hauntings against the living and 70{a951f02a8cac8e6d7fde2726b1b22da104131bed62748b49fddce88fa07005a6} less likely to earn their ghost high-school diploma.

Meanwhile, the number of single ghost mothers over the last 10 years has risen sharply, with more and more ghost babies born out of wedlock.

Members of the ghost LGBTQ community, however, argue that ghost children raised by single and same-sex ghost parents are just as likely to lead healthy, productive ghost lifestyles and contribute to ghost society in a positive manner, provided the ghost parent or parents remain actively involved in the ghost child’s rearing and provide an emotionally stable environment at home.

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