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(Photo: Fox News)

Tomi Lahren, the lovely, outspoken, and always insightful host from Fox Nation joined the Hammer and Nigel show Wednesday afternoon.

Never the type to hold her tongue, Tomi was fired up over this week’s biggest stories in politics and ready to weigh-in on the latest developments in the Michael Cohen case, Russian collusion, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brezenski’s homophobic slur, and much more.

On Michael Cohen and Russian Collusion: 

“You know I keep hearing Russia, Russia, Russia, and I keep hearing all about Michael Cohen, but what I don’t see is evidence, evidence, evidence. There is still no information linking Donald Trump and his campaign to collusion with Russia to make sure he is in the White House and Hillary isn’t.”

On Mika Brzezinski’s homophobic slur:

“They’re so desperate for attention that they have to say outrageous things like that to get attention. No, you would never that on my network; you would never hear that on any respectable network from a conservative because we don’t talk that way – especially on TV.”

On Tuesday’s Oval Office Meeting Between Trump, Schumer, Pelosi and Pence:

“When I hear people say that Chuck and Nancy somehow slammed Trump and they were victorious, I have to wonder what they were watching and if they were in an alternate universe. 

…What I saw was Donald Trump standing up for the American people; standing up for border enforcement, and I love it. That’s exactly what he needs to do and he needs to do it a whole lot more.”

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