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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — An Allen County Sheriff’s Deputy was in the middle of pulling someone over on Friday when another car pulled up behind him and the driver waved him down.

What happened next was something Deputy Andrew Peters didn’t expect. 

Peters told ABC 21 he rolled down his window and asked the man what he needed. The man told him his wife was having a baby and he needed help.

“My first thought was, ‘well I’ll grab some gloves and see what I can do to help,’” Peters said.

Ten minutes later, Peters helped deliver a baby girl in the back seat. Peters said he caught the baby as she came out.

The little girl is named Chloe.

Peters visited Chloe Karhoff and her parents at the hospital. The Karhoffs told him they’re very grateful for the deputy’s help during a chaotic situation.

(Photo by Kenkuza/iStock/Getty.)