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WIBC host Rob Kendall recently launched a new video series entitled “Where did your money go?” in which he breaks down how the state of Indiana is wasted taxpayers’ money. The series has been a massive hit; however, the most recent episode “triggered” former Indiana lawmaker, Brandt Hershman, posting the following to the WIBC Facebook page:

“A veritable smorgasbord of BS. The last two road packages relied on the issuance of debt, which is not smart nor conservative. The size of the state budget is largely irrelevant to road funding, as the vast majority of the budget is designated to schools and Medicaid. Notice Rob didn’t mention what he’d cut out of that budget to fund roads. Roads receive almost all of their funding from gas taxes, whose purchasing power had been eroded by inflation and flat growth in sales due to higher fuel economy. Money for bike trails and mass transit has always been part of transportation funding, largely due to its linkage to federal gas tax dollars we receive which require a state match. Extensive, multi-year studies on the needs for transportation funding and possible ways to fund it were considered. This video is 2 minutes of obfuscation designed to self promote rather than educate.”

Click the link below to hear Rob’s Response: