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(Photo: Fox News/Fox Nation)

Tomi Lahren, the lovely, outspoken, and always insightful host from Fox Nation joined the Hammer and Nigel show Wednesday afternoon.

Tomi was fired up and ready to share her insightful analysis on Bernie Sanders’ response to claims of sexual harassment during his 2016 presidential run, Elizabeth Warren’s ridiculous aspirations for 2020, Nancy Pelosi, and this week’s dust up between President Trump and Senator Mitt Romney.

On Bernie Sanders:

“It’s really simple for the left. Anytime they’re accused of something, they just simply apologize; everyone forgets about it and then they’re on their merry way. 

…But I think it’s really funny when this stuff happens to these social justice warriors and people like Bernie Sanders because it puts them between a rock and a hard place. All they can do is apologize, nobody cares and they can do anything they want.”

On Elizabeth Warren:

“As I said yesterday on my ‘Final Thoughts,’ no word yet on whether Lewis and Clark will be joining  her exploratory committee. We’re still awaiting those details, but I’ll look forward to the next Facebook live or Instagram live video, and I’m tuned in.”

On Republicans Against Trump:

“…They hate the fact that Donald Trump won and that he continues to win, but they have to make these comments against the President because they gets cheers from the left and that’s somehow gratifying to them.”  

On Mitt Romney:

“It is reminiscent of Jeff Flake to me where these ‘noble’ Republicans have to stand up and somehow challenge Donald Trump for some kind of moral purpose or moral crusade. 

…That’s the only way we’re going to be talking about Jeff Flake or Mitt Romney or any of them – if they attack Trump.”

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