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WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Democrats passed a spending bill that would have ended the government shutdown last night, but it was killed the moment it reached the Senate, where Republicans are in control. 

New House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says they will not give President Trump the 5-billion he wants for a border wall. 

Indiana’s Republican Congressman Larry Bucshon (R-IN-08) voted against the bill last night saying without the border wall money the shutdown will continue. 

“The president has been very clear that securing the border, which includes sufficient funding for a border wall, is a non-negotiable priority,” Bucshon said. “The Democrats put up a show vote. It’s a bill that President Trump won’t sign and it’s a bill that Senator McConnell won’t bring up (in the Senate).

“Democrats want to put up show votes. I understand that, but the fact of the matter is their refusal to listen to fact and put money to secure the border and defined the country is the reason why I voted against it and it’s the reason the shutdown continues.”

Bucshon said in spite of the current stalemate he is confident Republicans and Democrats can find common ground, even insofar as coming up short on the President’s demand for $5 billion for a border wall. However, Buschon said at least some money specifically for the construction of a wall is a must.

After meeting with congressional leaders at the White House again this afternoon, President Trump said they have still not come to an agreement to end the shutdown.

(PHOTO: Douglas Graham/Getty Images)