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(Gabriel Olsen / Stringer / Getty Images)

Christian Bale is arguably the finest actor of his generation. What a pity indeed that like most Hollywood liberals, he’s also an enormous lump of excrement.

Sunday night brought television viewers the first of approximately 35 worthless entertainment awards shows on tap for 2019: The Golden Globes.

Ah, and what an evening it was! For while incessant, self-mastubatory promotions for the “big gala” touted a night that would be free from divisive political jokes and acceptance speeches, Oscar winner and perpetrator of domestic violence, Christian Bale broke protocol by thanking “Satan” for inspiration in his protrayal of former Vice President Dick Cheney in the barely seen “Vice.”

Thus, Americans from coast-to-coast were reminded once again that Hollywood celebrities are much more than extraordinarily talented, good-looking people, they’re political imbeciles too!

WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel summed up the evening’s festivities succinctly: this is why people don’t watch awards shows anymore.

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