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President Trump takes his case for border security to the American people tonight, as the partial government shutdown drags into its third week.

Host on Fox News and The Five, Dana Perino joined WIBC host Tony Katz Tuesday to preview President Trump’s address and offered insight into what the President needs to accomplish in his remarks to score what Perino called a “home run.”

On The Power of The Oval Office Address:

“In the Presidential tool box, this is the hammer and you don’t use it lightly. I think with President Trump deciding that this is the issue where he is going to make his very first Oval Office address shows how serious he takes it. But also, the stakes are very high for him tonight.”

On The Value of Taking This Approach on a Key Issue:

“Every President when he speaks is speaking to multiple audiences. So on immigration, you’re speaking to Federal employees who are carrying a heavy load right now because the government is shut down; you’re speaking to the border patrol; you’re speaking to your base; you’re speaking to members of Congress – many of whom are freshmen members and Democrats. But you’re also talking to the international community – especially the governments of Mexico and Central America.”

Predictions on The President’s Approach:

“I think that tonight he’s going to declare a national emergency. I don’t know exactly how he would then proceed. It’s possible he could then use funds from the Department of Defense to start construction on new parts of border wall or fence. I think another way you could score a home run is if he were able to move the needle of public opinion on this wall. 

…It stands at a 42{a951f02a8cac8e6d7fde2726b1b22da104131bed62748b49fddce88fa07005a6} approval; the rest of the country disapproves.” 

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