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Some things in life you just don’t do. Pissing off Kellyanne Conway is one of them. Why? Because she will cut you, gut you, tap dance on your face, gouge your eyes out, and by the time the authorities pull her off your dismembered corpse, they’ll need dental records to identify the body. We’re speaking metaphorically, of course, but you get the point.

CNN’s top embarassment to journalism, whiny Jim Acosta had his genitals removed by Conway Tuesday afternoon (metaphorically) after the attention whore with TDS asked Conway if she’d guarantee President Trump would tell the truth during his televised speech on border security.

Dumb move, Jim. Dumb move – especially for a guy who just recently had his press pass revoked.

As usual, Kellyanne Conway wasn’t in the mood to take crap.

“You’re such a smartass most of the time and I know you want this to go viral,” said Conway. “A lot of these people don’t like you.”

Oh, but she didn’t stop there, and IT…WAS…GLORIOUS.

The Chicks on the Right played the audio Wednesday morning and offered their take:


“He obviously learned his profession in the CNN school of journalism in ‘I’m a Douchebag 101.’”


“And I love how everyone in the press pool just stood there silent like they totally agreed.”


“They’re all just sitting there going, ‘That’s right. That’s right, Jim, we absolutely hate you. Your wife and kids don’t like you either.”

Click the link below to hear the full exchange.