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STATEWIDE–Snow is expected for much of Indiana this weekend. 

Forecasters say central Indiana could see up to four inches of snow.

“Snow will move in mainly after midnight Friday night and then will continue into Saturday before tapering off Saturday night,” said National Weather Service of Indianapolis Meteorologist Chad Swain. 

He agrees with many other forecasters that up to four inches of snow is likely, but he does not expect wind to be much of a factor. 

“We’re looking at 5-10 mph winds, maybe gusts to 15. It doesn’t look like it’s going to blow around a lot. Temperatures during the day Saturday will get up to around or a little above freezing, so that should help some of it melt on the roads,” Swain said. 

Swain projects around two to three inches of snow in the Fort Wayne area and one to two inches around South Bend. He also thinks two to four inches will fall in the southern part of the state. 


(PHOTO: NWS Indianapolis)