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INDIANAPOLIS--A suspect was shot and killed in a failed burglary attempt at a home on the southeast side of Indianapolis. 

It happened around 6:30 Thursday night in the 6400 block of Winslow Drive, near Stop 11 Road between Arlington Avenue and Combs Road. 

Police say a homeowner called them Thursday morning and said someone had broken into their home at that location and took some items.

That homeowner arranged for two people to guard the home in case anyone came back.

Investigators say three men tried to break into the home Thursday night and one of the three was shot and killed. Another one was injured and caught a short time later.

Police say the third suspect got away in a Chevy van, but the windows were shot in the van. Officers are still trying to find that suspect. 

IMPD Captain Robert Troutt told WISH TV that it’s not uncommon for burglars to make return trips to homes. 

“We actually see that happen quite a bit in vacant houses where they’ll go in and take appliances apart, get the copper pulled out of the walls, and they can’t haul it all in one trip,” Troutt said. 

If you happen to know where that third suspect may be, be sure call Crimestoppers at 317-262-TIPS.