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Hey gals, doctors want you to know it’s not a good idea to insert a bath bomb into your vagina.

Here’s what’s happening:

Lush have recently released a new Valentine’s Day range of bath bombs that are shaped like the aubergine and peach emojis. Sounds harmless enough, right? Not exactly.

Certain fruit and veggie shaped emojis are actually supposed to be representative of certain “naughty” things. More specifically, a peach bottom represents… well, a bottom, and an aubergine is often used to represent a penis.

Our entire society is five years old, folks. 

At any rate, inspired by these animated symbols, Lush, the creator of weird and wonderful bath bombs, recently launched a new range of products for Valentine’s Day 2019, but many people are rather concerned that they might not be used for their intended purpose.

Social media users have been speculating that some gals may decide to try using their aubergine-shaped bath bomb as a sex toy.

One person posted on Twitter : “Okay but did Lush really think this through? There is gonna be at least one dumb*** that tries to use the eggplant bath bomb as a dildo.


The Chicks on the Right offered their own comments to ladies dumb enough to insert bath bombs into their hoo-haas:


“Why in the hell would a woman do this?”


“Because it’s shaped like a penis.”


“Well then just put a penis in there, I don’t understand. If you want that, go ask your husband or boyfriend to put his penis in you. Don’t put a bath bomb in there!”


“Doctors have actually issued a warning saying that ladies should not use the bath bomb in their vaginas because it could upset the balance of good bacteria inside the vagina.”


“No kidding! Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re having to do this. Shame on all, ya’ll.”

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