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HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. – A Sharpsville man is facing charges after being accused of running naked down a road while high on acid.


According to the Kokomo Tribune, officers say they received a call around 12:30 a.m. Jan. 8 that a man was yelling and cursing while smashing out a screen window in the door of a stranger’s home on Howard County Road South 600.


When deputies showed up, they say Drake Ruelas, 22, was naked and sprinting toward them along the road.


Officers arrested Ruelas after ordering him to stop and lie on the ground.


Ruelas’ mother later showed up and said her son had gone missing after jumping out of a moving vehicle during an argument with another woman.


While being treated for minor cuts at the hospital, Ruelas told investigators he took acid, but didn’t know how he ended up in the nude.


Ruelas is facing charges of criminal mischief and public nudity.



Photo: Thinkstock / Chalabala