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WIBC host Tony Katz would like to issue to the following helpful hint for those experiencing an overwhelming desire to sell one of their kidneys in order to generate the necessary funding to purchase an iPhone: harvesting your own organs to acquire consumer electronics is ill-advised and may or may not result in your death. 

Yes, this sage advice from Mr. Katz would seem rather obvious to all those who count themselves a child of a perfect God; however, even a perfect God is capable of churning out the occasional defective pinhead.

Case in point: Wang Shangkun, the young man who sold his kidney to purchase an iphone and an ipad, and is now too weak to face his alleged harvesters at trial.

In April 2011, Wang Shangkun’s mother discovered that her then 17-year-old son had sold his kidney and had bought an iPad and iPhone with the money. Now 18, Wang suffers from a decreased level of kidney function, according to NPR.

China Daily notes that due to his health, Wang was unable to appear in court, but his mother was quoted as saying her son did not, in fact, sell the organ specifically to buy new gadgets.

God bless moms; they’re equipped with a natural defense mechanism – also referred to as “willful blindness” that allows them to believe their child isn’t a moron regardless of being presented with damning evidence to the contrary.

WIBC host Tony Katz breaks down the additional details of Wang’s plight in the following clip: