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Andy Kaufman became a legend by screwing with his audience. A performance artist who preferred to think of himself as “a song and dance man,” Andy pushed the boundaries of comedy beyond the point of absurdity. With Kaufman, you never knew what was real and what was just part of the act.

In the end, his talent and reputation for fooling his audience ended with a sad irony: when the song and dance man lost a brief and unlikely battle to lung cancer at the age of 35 (Kaufman never smoked), everyone just assumed it was part of the act. Kaufman conspiracies persist to this day. His most rabid admirers  – even his own brother – are convinced that one day, Andy Kaufman will emerge from hiding, having pulled off the greatest, most elaborate practical joke of all time.

On today’s edition of the C-Team, Rob Kendall and Brian Baker pay tribute to Kaufman on what would have been the performer’s 70th birthday. Plus, Brian talks about his own journey as a Hollywood stuntman and offers his personal insight into why so many successful entertainers are utterly miserable.

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