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Cue the circus music:

Chapter 1:

In which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks President Trump to delay his state of the union speech due to security concerns amid the government shutdown. 

Chapter 2:

In which Secret Service informs the parties of interest that there are no security risks posed by the President delivering his SOTU as scheduled; Speaker Pelosi pretends she’s deaf and ignores their informed opinion entirely.

*Editors note: House Speaker Pelosi might actually be deaf; official test results on the matter in conjunction with medical opinions on whether she’s suffering from dementia should be forthcoming shortly. Stay tuned to this station for more information as it breaks.

Chapter 3:

In which President Donald Trump notifies House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she will not be allowed to use military aircraft for an upcoming trip to Afghanistan, citing the government shutdown.

Chapter 4:

In which Nancy Pelosi briefly considers making the trip via her personal broom.

Chapter 5:

In which congressman and friend to anti-Semites, Andre Carson weighs in.

Chapter 6:

In which WIBC host Tony Katz explains why President Donald Trump did the right thing.

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