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INDIANAPOLIS — She’s blaming INDOT. 

Amanda Lockaby says an INDOT snow plow pushed a lot of ice and snow off an interstate overpass in Indianapolis last week. That snow and ice, she says, fell onto her SUV causing a lot a damage. Lockaby says she was nearly killed.

“Glass was everywhere. I was trembling. I was shaking,” Lockaby said to WISH-TV. “It happened in slow motion yet it happened so fast. I was absolutely hysterical. I didn’t hurt anyone by I could have.”

Lockaby said it happened as she was traveling under the I-465 overpass on I-70 on the east side of Indianapolis. She wants INDOT to take responsibility for the incident. 

INDOT says even though the incident may have been caused by one of their snow plows, they have no record of the incident happening. 

“There is a challenge at many of our overpass locations,” said INDOT spokesman Scott Manning. “We have traffic that’s crossing underneath the bridge, so we do want to be mindful that we are not dumping ice and snow on people passing under the bridge.”

Manning said snow plow drivers are trained to use a technique to keep snow from being hurled off an interstate overpass and are also told to slow down as they pass over a bridge. 

There are more than 18,900 bridges in Indiana, according to state records; INDOT owns and maintains more than 5,600 of them.