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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Zoo’s first “zoo baby” of 2019 is a white-handed gibbon. 

The gibbon was born on the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 8 to mother Koko and father Elliott. 

The whole family is “doing great together,” the Zoo said Thursday.

Zookeepers don’t yet know the gender of the gibbon because it is staying very close to its mother. 

“With dark hair just like Koko’s, the tiny infant blends in well except for a little pink face peeking out under mom’s arm,” the Zoo said.

In about four months, the baby will start leaving Koko’s side and spend more time with its father, Elliott.

The family will spend the winter in a private indoor area, but Zoo visitors can expect to see them in their outdoor habitat this spring, the Zoo said.

The white-handed gibbon, also known as the Lar gibbon, is an endangered primate native to Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand in southeast Asia.

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(Photo by the Indianapolis Zoo.)