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Indianapolis’ police union president Rick Snyder says it’s time to equip IMPD officers with body cameras, and he wants city leaders to start talking about what it would cost to acquire the technology.

In an interview with WIBC host Tony Katz Thursday, Snyder pointed to the homicide rate in Indianapolis and the need to protect officers as evidence that the city should make the investment in the devices.

“We need to avoid the tendency to just slowly lay the blame at officers’ feet.

We all have a role in this and we need to be asking why we as a city and as a nation place such little value on the sanctity of life.”

The new equipment in conjunction with storage devices for data would have a total cost of $15 to $20 million.

“Our hope was that technology had improved enough by now that those costs would keep coming down. That’s not necessarily the case,”  Synder said.

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