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(Yuri Smityuk / Contributor / Getty Images)

Hey, everybody has at least one special talent, and sometimes it leads to some pretty bizarre problems.

Kyle Gordy, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s most popular sperm donor’ has done such an awesome job spreading his seed that women are now afraid to utilize her ‘services.’ The reason? Fears that his children might unknowingly meet and form incestuous relationships. 

Gordy has fathered 18 children across the U.S. over the last four years and has five more on the way. In other words, his seed packs a mighty punch.

Good old Gordy told media he is attempting to counter the whole “what if two half-siblings start shagging each other” fear by offering to introduce the parents of his children online.

So there’s apparently some “Gordy’s Kids” Facebook page out there or something.

The Chicks on the Right have more on the story in the following clip: