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BEDFORD, Ind. — State Police say they arrested three people Tuesday on drug charges in Lawrence County.

It all started with a traffic stop along Mitchell Road in Bedford. Lawrence County police officers arrested Michael Blanton of Orleans for possessing and dealing meth and marijuana.

In a separate stop later in the day, Bedford police officers pulled over Robert Pavey. They officers say Pavey was acting suspicious in the car. 

“Bedford Police Officer Jesse Crane arrived and deployed his canine, Max, who gave a positive alert for the presence of narcotics in Pavey’s vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in officers locating 47 grams of methamphetamine,” said Sgt. Curt Durnill in a press release.

That led investigators to a home along 16th street in Bedford where Timothy Brineger was. They had a warrant to search the home.

“The search resulted in the seizure of 116 grams of methamphetamine, 25 grams of marijuana, several syringes, and drug paraphernalia” Sgt. Durnill said.

Brineger was promptly arrested after the search was over.

In all, investigators found 163 ounces of meth and 25 grams of pot. 

(PHOTOS: Courtesy of Indiana State Police)