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Former Indianapolis City-County President Stephen Clay is not running for re-election.

In an e-mail today to his fellow Councilors, the eastside Democrat, with Republican help, led a coup last year against then-President Maggie Lewis told his colleagues…

It has been my pleasure to serve the fine people who live within the boundaries of the 13th District.  The work has been rewarding and a natural extension of our pastoral ministry as such that we will continue to advocate for those whose voices would perhaps otherwise not be heard.

However, I will not seek re-election to the City-County Council.  I choose rather to reposition myself on the field of play and to [loosen] myself from the political entanglements that have proven to be counterproductive for accomplishing what I believe is essential.

What I have accomplished, seen and learned can never be erased.

Clay’s brief tenure as Council President was filled with controversy.  Indy Politics reported he had been investigated by state officials for inappropriate sexual contact with a minor in the early 2000s and the claims were substantiated but never investigated by law enforcement at the time.  


In addition, he fired the Council Clerk and attorney which later led to litigation and a settlement.


Clay later stepped down as President and was replaced by Vop Osili.  He was elected to the Council in 2014.