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Guy Relford, “The Gun Guy” joined the Hammer and Nigel Show to discuss Monday’s committee hearing on HB 1284, which would create civil immunity for the lawful use of force in self-defense in Indiana.

Under Indiana’s current “stand your ground” law, residents can use deadly force to protect themselves, their property or someone else, but while that law protects them from criminal charges, it does not prevent the possibility of a civil suit.

Indiana Sate Representative Jim Lucas put forth House Bill 1284, which would provide civil immunity in cases where justifiable force is used. While the bill was debated in the House Judiciary Committee Monday, no vote was taken to allow time for possible amendments.

The bill was co-authored by WIBC host and attorney Guy Relford.


“Civil lawsuits have almost become commonplace all across the country. In fact, I’ve taught and taken classes in self defense cases where they say, ‘You shoot somebody – even under completely lawful and justifiable circumstances – plan on getting sued. This bill is designed to put an end to that in that state of Indiana.”

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