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A lawmaker in Tennessee wants parents to cover up their naughty bits and wear appropriate clothing when they drop their kids off at school.

Tennessee state Representative Antonio Parkinson decided to propose the idea after receiving several complaints from school administrators and teachers in his district.

“People wearing next to nothing. People wearing shirts or tattoos with expletives. People coming onto a school campus and cursing the principal or the teacher out. These things happen regularly,” Antonio said. “A principal I talked to told me a lady came into the office with her sleepwear on with some of her body parts hanging out. You got children coming down the hall in a line and they can possibly see this.”

WIBC hosts Jason Hammer and Fake Nigel (Brian Baker) broke down the story in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”


“Now see, I’m all for this. In fact, I’d like to see a nationwide dress code enforced because people just do NOT know how to dress. Moving forward, I’d like to see some pressed slacks with a nice polo and loafers for the men. Springtime through the summer, no earth tones; I want everyone sporting the Miami Vice look.”

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